ADAPTIVE TRACKSUITS for women & girls

Lady Fines adaptive tracksuits are designed with accessibility in mind, specifically for those undergoing medical treatments like chemotherapy or dialysis. With strategically placed zippers, these jackets and jogger pants allow easy access along your neckline, at both wrists, and both ankles.

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HOSPITAL WEAR with style

Lady Fines Adaptive Tracksuits are outfitted for ultimate comfort even while undergoing medical procedures like chemotherapy and dialysis. With access zippers throughout, these jackets and jogger pants make it extra easy to reach chest ports, IVs, PICC lines, and other medical devices without compromising your dignity.

Too often, patients alter their own clothes or stretch their necklines to accommodate these procedures. These tracksuits eliminate that problem along with many others.

Every feature from the zippers to the puff sleeves was designed intentionally. The zippers provide access while the non-restrictive fit provides space in case of inflammation. You can be comfortable and cute even in the most stressful of times.